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PARAGON'S Liquid coagulant is a solution of a colourless, high molecular weight sludge conditioner used in both medium and low pressure boilers and tank to prevent sludge deposits. It is especially useful when feedwater becomes contaminated by oil. Dosing PARAFIX LIQUID COAGULANT to the boiler / tank coagulates the oil droplets causing these suspended solid to settle to the low points of the boiler, where they are removed by blowdown.
Uses PARAFIX LIQUID COAGULANT is slug fed'' at the dosage of 28ml (1 ounce, 1/16pt) per day per each ton of water capacity. For system s experiencing severe oil contamination, off-line clearing may be desirable. After the equipment is cleared, liquid coagulant is dosed at 28, Is. per day per ton of water capacity for two weeks or until complete oil removal is accomplished. If severity of contamination persists, then investigate once again oil leakage into the system.
Description Appearance Clear, Viscous liquid. Specific Gravity 25c 1.00 – 1.01
Feeding Liquid coagulant may be dissolved with other boiler 1 treatment chemicals and fed directly to the boiler/ tank by means of a bypass pot feeder of suitable chemical injection pump. For low pressure boilers, the solution may be dosed to the hotwell or the condensate return tank.
Storage Do not store in area where product will freeze.
Safety If swallowed, eye contact, use plenty of water.
PARAFIX GC is a concentrated alkaline liquid. PARAFIX-GC may be used in high pressure and low pressure boilers in conjunction with PARAFIX-ADB to prevent the formation of magnesium and calcium scale deposits. These hardness compounds are converted to soft, non-adherent sludge that can easily removed by blowdown.
Uses PAfter testing the boiler water for ppm "p" alkalinity and/or pH, the recommend dosage of PARAFIX-GC based in the size and type of boiler can be determined from the boiler water control charts.

PARAFIX-GC when dosed at 1.0 kg per ton of distilled water gives 0.5 ppm .alkalinity
Clear liquid
Specific Gravity
1.49-1.51 at 25°C
Feeding PARAFIX-GC should be mixed with sufficient condensate and fed directly to the steam drum (below water level) of the boiler by means of a bypass pot feeder or chemical injection pump. It can also be fed to the water drum or economizer inlet.

For low pressure boilers, the solution may be dosed to the hotwell or the condensate return tank.

PARAFIX-GC may be fed along with other boiler water treatment chemicals.
Handling Precautions To avoid danger, care and caution must be taken in handling GC. It is strong alkali, and causes severe burns. When handling, wear goggles or face shield, rubber gloves and a rubber apron. Do not take internally. Do not swallow. When making solutions, pour GC slowly into water to avoid violent spattering. If liquid accidentally contacts skin, immediately flush with plenty of water. If liquid gets in eyes, flush with plenty of water for 15 minutes and get medicals attention
Storage Do not store in areas where liquid will freeze.
Safety If swallowed, use plenty of water
PARAFIX TANK KLEEN is a highly concentrated product that provides a fast, efficient and in expensive method of cleaning oil tanks.
Uses We recommend that PARAFIX TANK KLEEN be injected at selected dosage and these to be established after careful consideration has been given to the internal steel structures of the oil tanks.
Method Of Use PARAFIX TANK KLEEN should be applied by the injection into the wash water line to obtain the maximum results. PARAFIX TANK KLEEN can also be used in a closed circuit system of cleaning utilizing the stop tanks.
Dosage PARAFIX TANK KLEEN should be injection at the rate of 4 to 7 liters per ton of water. However should the tanks that have to be cleaned be heavily contaminated, It is advisable that the dosage be increased by 4 to 7 liters per ton of water.
Application The injection method can be applied with the aid of small air driven pump injecting the cleaning chemical into the wash water line which forms an immediate chemical emulsion that is passed through the washing machines. It is essential that the tanks being washed must be kept well stripped in order to allow the chemical to penetrate any sludge or wax build-up in the tank bottoms. Under these conditions an instant dispersing action takes please which, with the aid of the crisis cross pattern of cleaning made by our Roject machines, or similar units, keeps the sludge and other residues in suspension thus allowing it to be easily pumped into a slop tank.
Disposal Of Slops The contaminated water emulsion pumped from the tank being cleaned to the slop tanks in an unstable condition allows rapid separation. The separation is so effective that no time is lost pumping slops ashore where the Separating Station can deal with the slops fast and effectively, then to recover the oils as a valuable commodity.
Advantages Reduces vessel's cleaning time.
Provides cleaner tanks without manual cleaning.
Easy application which does not interfere with ship's operation.
Permits immediate entry into tanks for inspection and repairs as the chemical is odorless.

PARAFIX GERM-FREE is an extremely effective triple action cleaner necessary for a complete cleaning and sanitizing program.

GERM-FREE cleans thoroughly, disinfects harmful germs and eliminates unpleasant odors for total hygiene.
Product Features Anti – microbial
Bio – degradable
Retains original colour and appearance
R.W. co-efficient more than 3
Wide usage
Dilutes for economical use yrt retains efficiency
Pleasantly perfumed
Directions For regular cleaning dilute 1 part concentrate in 70 parts of water (1:7). Dip a cloth in the solution and mop the surface.
Can Be Used On As phalt, vinyl, rubber, linoleum, ceramic, marble, concentrate floors, painted and varnished surfaces, walls, furniture, equipment and fixtures.

Warning Keep out of reach of children. Avoid eye contact. Harmful if swallowed.
Active Germicide
5.0 – 8.0
Viscosity at 25°C
Toxicity – acuteoral (LD 50)
Less than 5 gm/kg
Can Be Used On As phalt, vinyl, rubber, linoleum, ceramic, marble, concentrate floors, painted and varnished surfaces, walls, furniture, equipment and fixtures.

Warning Keep out of reach of children. Avoid eye contact. Harmful if swallowed.
  PARAFIX-DEWT diesel engine cooling water treatment was especially developed to overcome certain undesirable characteristics sometimes found when using chromate or soluble oil corrosion inhibitors. With PARAFIX-DEWT the treated re-circulating water is colorless. Leakage at packing glands produces no unsightly stains or crystalline deposits. There is no foam
or carbonization at points of high transfer in the system.


Effective corrosion inhibitor
pH buffered
Not a soluble oil
Compatible with antifreeze
Benefits Protects Ferrous and copper bearing metals
Minimizes metal oxide deposits
Prevents acid attack
Applicable where water is the heat source for the evaporator/distiller
Reduces disposal and toxicity problems
Safer to handle
Does not damage seals, hoses packing
No foam or carbonized deposits
Not sensitive o overdosing
Easily tested and controlled
Dose not form fouling deposits when mixed with ethylene glycol
Application and Use The recommend treatment level of PARAFIX-DEWT diesel engine cooling water treatment is 3000-4500ppm. This represents an initial dosage of 3.2 KG per ton of circulating water. Subsequent dosages are dependent upon the concentration found in the re-circulating water.

Diesel engine cooling water treatment is an effective corrosion inhibitor for all the normal ferrous and copper bearing metals in a circulating water system. There are no deleterious effects on glands; etc. It is compatible with antifreeze materials will not form objectionable sludge's.

Efficient heat transfer is assured since corrosion is held to ammonium and surfaces are maintained free of deposits. Diesel engine cooling water treatment is recommended for systems with good quality distilled water makeup.
  PARAFIX EMPC Electric motor and parts cleaner is a specially safety characteristics and optimum cleaning properties. It dissolves grease, tar, wax, oil and other soils from electrical equipment on contact. It dries in seconds and leaves no residue. It is safe for use on most metals, including aluminum and insulation materials used on Electric motors and switch gear.

PARAFIX EMPC has no flash or fire point and is non-explosive. No other electric motors and parts cleaner can match its long record of safety and user satisfaction.
Features Specially designed for Electric electrical systems and equipment.
Superior solvency on typical electrical equipment soils
Contains an inhibitor
No flash or fire point
Controlled evaporation
Application PARAFIX EMPC is applied undiluted to electrical equipment. PARAFIX EMPC can be applied by soaking or dipping in a tank or bucket, by brushing, or by wiping with a clean lint-free cloth or by spraying with a hand spray gun.
It is used to clean electric motors, generators, contact points, switches, commutators, armatures, bushes, bearings, solenoids, gauges and other electrical parts and assemblies.

Adequate ventilation is recommended during use because it evaporates quickly .use of a water seal is not recommended to prevent evaporation as it may cause hydrolysis. Covering of the container with a lid is recommended to control evaporation.
Benefits Can be used on nearly all electrical components.
Has no adverse effect on insulation, varnishes, enamels and rubbers.
Safer to use than other electrical solvents.
Not corrosive to most metals.
Prevents condensation of moisture on windings and electrical parts.
Not a fire hazard.
Leaves no residue.
Storage Do not store in area where product will freeze.
Safety If swallowed, eye contact, use plenty of water.