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Application and Use PARAFIX RSR rust stain remover is suitable for cleaning all types of ferrous metals and leaves metal surfaces passivated so they will resist atmospheric corrosion and flash rusting. PARAFIX RSR rust stain remover can act as a brightener for non-ferrous metals. PARAFIX RSR rust stain remover is miscible with water in all proportions.
Applications 1. To remove light rust from floor plates, bulkheads, painted surfaces, etc.

2. Remove loose dirt, scale and rust by sweeping or bushing (if there are heavy rust deposits, use emulsifier and a passivator for removing rust and rust stains, and passivating iron and steel surfaces.
Quick removal of rust and tarnish
Reduces mechanical cleaning
Multi-purpose, effective cleaning
Can be used when there is light oil contamination
Pre-cleaning is not usually required
Prevents flash rusting
Surfaces suited for painting
Does not corrode base metal a write brush). For best results, surface to be
Cleaned should be free of oil and grease.

3. Dilute PARAFIX RSR rust stain remover 1 part rsr to 5 parts of fresh or salt water. Liberally apply to rusted or corroded surface. Give solution approximately 20 minutes to penetrate and dissolve deposits and stains. Flush the surface thoroughly with fresh water. Make second application to remove stubborn stains, if necessary. One application will usually leave the surface free of rust, giving the painted surface a bright, freshly painted appearance. Do not allow PARAFIX RSR rust stain remover to dry on/in metal surface as it may leave a white deposit.
PARAFIX Corrosion Inhibitor is a solution of catalyzed hydrazine that is used to control corrosion of condensate and feedwater lines, and to prevent the formation of iron and copper oxide deposits on interior boiler surface.

PARAFIX Corrosion Inhibitor reduces hematite, Fe2 03 (rust), on metal surface to protective black magnetite film, Fe304. Iron oxide in the boiler water is also reduced to magnetite, which is more easily removed by blowdown and minimizes the tendency to bind normal boiler sludge, thus reducing the possibility of sludge accumulations in the boiler.

A Similar protective film is formed on copper surfaces.

PARAFIX Corrosion Inhibitor's oxygen scavenging properties are accelerated by the action of the catalyst, resulting in increased reaction rates even at ambient temperature. The catalyst is an organic chemical which does not form deposits and is not harmful to metal surfaces.

Relative Activity of V and Uncatalyzed with Dissolved Oxygen.
PARAFIX L H C HANDWASH is liquid hand soap effective in cleaning grease and dirt.
PARAFIX L H C HANDWASH works up a good deep cleaning lather is extremely mild and is actually beneficial to the skin.
Product Features Cleans efficiently
Gentle on skin
Pleasantly perfumed
Dilutes for economical use yet retains efficiency
HAND WASH upto 1:5 with water.
Undiluted – wet hands and apply about 5-10 cc of lotion. Work up a rich lather, cleaning below nails, crevices around knuckles and other areas. Rinse hands well with water.

CAN BE USED IN: offices, hotels, restaurants and hospitals
Total Active Matter
7.0 – 7.5
Viscosity at 25°C
Specific gravity
Available in 5 Litre cans /25 and 50 kg Containers
PARAFIX CR 200A      CARBON REMOVER PARAFIX Carbon Remover is a clear Brown, pine scented, hydrocarbon solvent specially designed to remove baked on and carbonized soils on valves, burner tips and other engine parts. PARAFIX Carbon Remover does not contain any hazardous cresylic acid or chlorinated solvents. It has a pleasant odor and does not require a water layer to prevent vaporization.
Features High solvency
Contains no cresylic acid or chlorinated hydrocarbons
Pine scented
Requires no water seal
High flash point
Application And Use PARAFIX Carbon Remover penetrates deposits and dissolves oil, grease, varnish combustion products. Insoluble materials (carbon, soot, ash, dirt) are softened so that is can easily be removed with a water rinse.
Soaking Method Place the parts to be cleaned in pan or drum of suitable size with enough PARAFIX Carbon Remover to cover. Small parts may be put into a wire basket for easy removal and recovery. Allow to soak until deposits are completely dissolved or loosened (usually 4 to 8 hours). Remove and rinse with water. Some small amounts of deposit that remain can be removed by light brushing. Dry with a cloth or compressed air. For heavy or tenacious deposits, agitation will assist in the cleaning. For carbonized deposits, heat the solvent to 55-60°C (130 - 140°F). Allow parts to stand in the solution until the deposits loosen (up to 24 hours). Remove and rinse with a stream of water. Brush lightly if necessary. Dry with a cloth or compressed air.
Brush Method For in-place cleaning of large, heavy pieces, PARAFIX CARBON REMOVER can be applied with a brush. Continue brushing with PARAFIX Carbon Remover until the deposits are saturated, loosened and removed. Sponge or spray with water to rinse, and then dry with a cloth.
Benefits Penetrates and softens stubborn carbon deposits and varnishes.
Safer for the user.
Safer for the environment.
Non-corrosive to most metals.
Pleasant to use.
Simple cleaning process, minimizing water spotting and corrosion.
Can be heated for greater cleaning efficiency in though cleaning applications.
PARAFIX COLD WASH is a highly concentrated emulsifying rinse solvent that quickly penetrates oil ad grease deposits forming an emulsion that turns milky white and rinse away when washed with water. Surface will rinse freely whether the water is hot or cold, salt or fresh. With a flash point over 65°C (150°F) PARAFIX COLD WASH minimizes fire hazards that are present when other more volatile products are used. It is so easy and efficient to use that it is much more economical and faster that scrubbing operations. PARAFIX COLD WASH does not corrode metals.
UsageDirt, Oil grease and grime are rapidly emulsified and rinsed away from aluminum, brass, steel, cast iron, chrome plate, porcelain, glass, painted surfaces, stone, cement and wood. COLD WASH is regularly used aboard ships for cleaning tanks, bilges , floor plates, tank tops, and machinery spaces: in factories for cleaning machinery, manufactured parts, engines, motors, conveyors, floor etc. by contractors for cleaning road building machinery, scrapers, mixers. Bulldozers, cranes, trunks, equipment etc. on farms, garages and services stations for cleaning motors and machine parts, chassis and wheels, pits and floors, oil drums, tractors, trucks, and other equipments everywhere dirt, oil, grease and grime accumulate.
Application PARAFIX COLD WASH is applied undiluted by spraying, soaking, dipping, rubbing or mopping. Spraying is used for cold cleaning interiors of oil storage tanks or where surfaces to be cleaned are irregular. After spraying PARAFIX COLD WASH should be remain from 10 to 20 minutes before rinsing. If a dry surface is not required is not necessary to rinse with water. Brushing or mopping is used with for removing oil from decks, piers and other large areas. Dipping and soaking in unheated PARAFIX COLD WASH is the most economical way of cleaning small or large parts. Rubbing with a soft cloth or sponge soaked with PARAFIX COLD WASH is an easy and quick method of cleaning large parts and painted surfaces. Steam cleaning can be speeded up by spraying with PARAFIX COLD WASH a few minutes prior to steam lancing. Leaves no Oily residue.
Caution Do not take internally as it is harmful if swallowed. Use with adequate ventilation as the concentrated vapor could be harmful. In case of contact with eyes, flush with water and get medical attention. Keep out of reach of children.

PARAFIX ALL KLEAN is a multipurpose detergent handy for a wide range of cleaning jobs.
Products Features Does not damage surface
Safe to use – does not contain acid
Bio – degradable
Low –foaming –ensure complete rinsing
Wide usage
Dilutes for economical use yet retains efficiency
Directions For regular mopping use PARAFIX ALL KLEAN 1:140 in water (35ml in 5 liters). Dip a cloth in the solution and mop.
Periodical scrubbing Use 1 part of PARAFIX ALL KLEAN in 10 parts of water. Apply on floor, scrub well and rinse with water. Furniture, glass and leather- use 20ml PARAFIX ALL KLEAN in 5 litre of water. Dip a cloth in solution and wipe in soiled surface. Adjust dilution according to the soil condition.
Can Be Used On PARAFIX ALL KLEAN can be used on floors, wooden surface, walls, glass, leather and other surfaces unharmed by water.
Total Active Germicide
7- .5
Viscosity at 25°C
70 – 80 cps
Specific gravity
0.99 – 1.01
Available in 5 Litre cans / 25 and 50 ltres containers