Paint Industry Products
1. Perolite Universal Stainers/Tinters and Machine Colorants
Product Description
Perolite universal stainers are high strength, concentrated stainers which can be used to create a wide range of shades. The product has an established market for the last several years. These products are currently marketed by us and our agents in all over India.
The stainers are packaged in 50 ml, 100 ml and 200 ml bottles and are ideally suited for onsite tinting of paints. This is a common practice adopted by painters in India where shade matching is done on-site.
The stainers are also suited for tinter dispensing and Red Devil tint shaker machines to give corresponding shades.
The stainers are available in 11 primary colors which are intermixable. On mixing with base white enamels or plastic emulsion paints they yield different shades. The stainers are offered in two different groups. The following colors are available: Fast Yellow, Fast red, Fast Blue, Fast Red, Fast Bright Red, Fast Yellow Green, Fast Violet, Yellow Oxide, Fast Black, Turkey Umber, Burnt Sienna, Fast White, and Red Oxide.

Universal Stainers are packaged in 3 standard sizes - 50 ml, 100 ml, and 200 ml bottles. An entire bottle of corresponding size of Universal Strainer will give approximately 1.25 %, 2.5 % and 5% reduction respectively In a 4 litre container of base white paint. This is a regular practice adopted by Indian painting contractors for on-the-job tinting of paints.
Because of the universal characteristics of the product, the stainers can be used to color all quality synthetic enamels based on long, medium and short oil alkyds, modified alkyds, etc. as well as water based compositions such as oil bound distempers, plastic emulsion paints, cement paints, etc. They can be used to color glass as well as plastics like PVC. At the same reduction (i.e. addition of same percentage of Universal Strainer) in the appropriate white base of enamels or plastic emulsion paint, it can give the SAME color in either glossy or matt finish. Universal Stainers can also be used with industrial air drying and stoving enamels, oil and water based cement primers and heavy duty coatings based on synthetic rubber, epoxies, vinyl and acrylates, etc.
The color are durable and weather-fast with very high tinting strength. The quality of Universal Stainers is Consistent from batch to batch and is within + 2 %. All the raw materials and finished products undergo stringent QC and QA procedures before, during and after the manufacturing process. All the stainers are free from defects such as flocculation, flooding, cratering, etc.
Directions for Use

To get the desired shade, add a small quantity of stainer at a time to white base.
The stainers should be added before thinning the base/white paint.
Stir vigorously to mix the stainer completely in the paint.
Because of its excellent tinting strength, it is advisable not to use more than 5% of Perolite Universal      stainer to a given       volume of paint.

2. Paratint Fine Paste:
Product Description
Paratint fine pastes are high solids, pourable pigment dispersions. Our Paratint series is designed for colouration in various types of aqueous pastes. It consists of high quantities of dispersed pigments without any resins or binders. The unusually high pigment level provides several technical and economical advantages detailed below.

The required color strength can be achieved by less quantity of Paratint fine paste dispersion than      conventional dispersions. This implies that the amount of additions to the coating or paint for the standard colour is minimal.

All Paratint fine pastes are fully dispersed and need only to be stirred to achieve full colour strength. Costs for additional grinding are completely eliminated as grinding is not required or recommended.

Paratint Fine pastes are completely miscible with each other and can be mixed in various proportions to achieve numerous shades.

Finally high pigment loading implies fewer containers, ease in handling and less storage area
The Paratint Fine paste is available in bulk packing of 10kg, 25kg and 50kgs.

Paratint Fine pastes are directly used for in-plant productions for paints.
Latex Colors
Paper coating
Detergent Cake and Powder. Bath Soap
Wax colors
Textile Printing
Water Base Ink
Water based cosmetics products like Bindi's, etc