Paper / Stationary
Paper Coating
Coating pigments gives paper and board a smooth and hard surface, which allows high-quality printing and makes the product more appealing.
Paper Coating pigments are light-weight coating pigments that provide paper and board with a unique combination of brightness, whiteness and strength. They are generated from calcium sulfate, which is crystallized or ground to the desired particle shape and size.
The pigment can be tailored to the optimum porosity needed for very light paper with excellent printing properties. It is most suitable for bright paper grades such as LWC, MWC and MFC printing papers, coated fine papers and various types of paperboard.
Paper Coating pigments have been developed, in close cooperation with paper industry partners. Our unique crystallization technology is suitable for both on- and off-site production. We are ready to help you explore the benefits our calcium sulfate coating applications can offer your specific process and development needs.
Economical lightness: These ultralight pigments provide more paper and board for the same weight. Sustainability