Quality Policy
Our forte is our technological expertise which enables us to serve our customers and satisfy their requirements. We use all the latest machines required for grinding, milling, stirring, packaging, etc. We use spectrophotometers coupled shade matching software's. We have passed rigorous audits of our products from all our multinational clients. Quality assurance is implemented meticulously by our company. Each batch produced is inspected for its content and checked for quality against multiple QC and QA parameters. Once its passes all the QC and QA tests it goes to the packaging department.

Dispersing organic pigments like pthalocynines, quinacridones is not an easy process. Our company strives to keep the deviation under 1%. The pigments must be dispersed uniformly to ensure maximum tint strength, opacity, covering and cleanliness of hue. The color pigments vary dramatically not only in their optical properties but also in their physical properties such as oil absorption, particle size, hardness, etc. After doing research and testing for years we have formulated the best possible combination to come up with best quality products.