Textile Printing
Peron Pigment Emulsions for Textile Printing
Peron pigment emulsions can be best printed in combination with PERON binder SLN/SFN on cotton, viscose, polyester, Nylon fabrics and their blends. To obtain high degree of fastness properties on synthetic fabrics and blends the addition of fixer is recommended.

Peron pigment emulsion and binders is based on oil in water based emulsion system. The main ingredients of pigment printing paste consist of
Peron Pigment Emulsion
Acid Liberating agents as catalysts
Kerosene or mineral turpentine or synthetic thickeners.
Preparation of the stock paste. Preparation of 10% binder stock reduction thickening
10 parts binder
5 parts cepol LV % thickening 2 parts urea depending on atmospheric conditions
6 parts water
1 part emulsifier
76 parts kerosene or mineral turpentine under high speed tinting
Preparation for print paste
1-4 parts peron pigment emulsion
4-4 parts diammonium phosphate (1:3) solution
95-92 parts 10% binder reduction thickening.

Addition of extra binder is recommended above 4% shade to meet the ratio of pigment emulsions to binder to 1:2.5.
The fabric printed with Peron pigment emulsions/binder system is fixed by curing at 140c for 5min in hot air curing chamber.