Water Base Ink
ParaInk : Parafine paste for water base ink
We manufacture Parafine Paste specifically created for manufacturing of Water Base Printing Inks - for Card Board printing etc. There are currently over 18 standard ink shades in this system, quite possibly the largest selection in India. Our production technical staff is capable of intermixing the paste to produce hundreds of combinations, to create a custom set to meet your specific requirements.

Each material is available in YELLOW, RED, BLUE, OLIVE GREEN, VIOLET, GREEN, TURQUOISE BLUE, ROYAL BLUE & BLACK PASTE. They have an average particle size of 0.5 MICRONS. They are easily pourable pigment preparations which are highly concentrated and are in paste form containing non-ionic & anionic wetting agents & dispersing agents.

We have Organic & Inorganic Pigment Dispersion
  Pigment Dispersion :   Soluable In H2o
  Ph :   # 7
  Form :   Paste
  Mix with Binder in any Ratio, Good covering & opacity
General Description The Parafine Paste is water based, heat resistant color specially developed for water base printing-ink.
Packaging Parafine paste can be delivered in drums of 25 / 50 kg's or in customer specific packing needs.